Continuo a pensare alle sue labbra, il suono di lei se chiudo gli occhi riesco a sentire la sua dolcezza, non posso resistere per me è nicotina


MINERBA was the name of the band in 2000 and was composed of 5 people.

However, only in 2016 one of those people, Simone, retakes the old reins and forms a new band with same old name. The idea is to revive unreleased songs the band wrote and played in the ‘90s but never published. Simone, guitar and voice, acquires the old band’s name in October 2017 and that’s when MINERBA was born.

In June 2016 in Graziano Ragni’s Studio Vallemania in Genga, with the collaboration of Ludovico Cipriani, the new project began with a new album composed of 10 unreleased songs. It started again with arranging old songs, perfecting new music and lyrics, and creating the album in June 2018. The project is finally ready to make videos, backstage, and more… News are just round the corner!

When will the album be released?
Let’s find it out together!

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